Authentic Leadership Throughout

Leadership happens in every moment of everyday.

“Living authentically” is simply knowing our values and intentionally honoring them on a moment-to-moment basis. Leading authentically is a natural byproduct of this. When we lead our life in accordance with what’s most important to us, it drives inspiration, fulfillment, and purpose both professionally and personally.

A great leader lies within everyone. Through vibrant connection and passionate self discovery, Olerai Leadership inspires your leader to bloom.

From corporate to personal transformation, I’ll work closely with you to define your goals, craft your vision, and create authentic leadership throughout your life and work.

I believe there’s great power in choice. How will you choose to approach this leadership challenge? How will you decide to react to this news? Who will show up to lead this team? By getting clear on what you want and living always with intention, you will unlock powerful confidence and fulfillment … and inspire others along the way.

Lucy helped me find my own power, which enabled me to face any challenge as I built my business.

Former Consultant

  • Leadership Training

    Leadership Training

    Team transitions. Challenging relationships. Stretch objectives. Support your high potential leaders to dynamically adapt and excel in any situation.

  • Corporate Coaching

    Corporate Coaching

    Great leaders are self-aware, understand their impact, and can inspire those around them by knowing when and how to use their different leadership styles.


    Career Coaching

    What’s next in your life’s work? From students to seasoned professionals, Olerai Leadership will support and elevate you as you explore the possibilities.

  • Transition Coaching

    Transition Coaching

    Change is an inevitable part of life. How we choose to navigate these pivotal transformations can set our direction and perspective for years to come.

  • Custom Workshops

    Custom Workshops

    From high potentials leadership training programs and corporate communications workshops to empowerment programs geared toward women, I custom-create group learning workshops to meet a variety of client needs.

Using the Co-Active® model of coaching, I work with clients to fine tune their “Leader Within,” so when they need to step into the courageous and vulnerable role of “Leader In Front,” they can do so with confidence, inspiring others to move forward with vision and purpose; their “Leader Beside,” who is collaborative, co-creative and co-active; and their “Leader Behind,” who mentors and develops others.
True Leaders
True leaders are courageous in their vulnerability to step into the unknown and learn from the experience with grace and humility—and in their willingness to share in the learning, through their successes and in their failures. If we fail at something, it just means we have not fully learned it yet.

“It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” — Ellen DeGeneres

“Over the past 2 years, Lucy has functioned as an absolutely critical coach and mentor for my career, relationships, and overall satisfaction and well-being. Life isn’t without challenges, and Lucy meets them head-on while gently but firmly guiding you to continuously show up as your best self.”

—HR Consultant turned Coach and Entrepreneur

“Lucy has a compassionate and strong energy that creates space for the vulnerable moments needed to make real change as leaders speak hard truths, while still keeping positive momentum towards the goal of the day and a solution-oriented space.”

Elaine Skinner, Managing Director, satis&fy LLC