Olerai Leadership custom-creates on and off-site experiential learning workshops, as well as facilitating leadership development programs on a variety of themes to meet a variety of client needs.

Examples of custom workshops:

  • Dynamic communications workshops.
  • High potentials leadership development workshops.
  • Power of Feedback:  The gift of giving and receiving effective feedback.
  • Leader Within: Awakening to one’s leadership style & owning your impact.
  • Leader Behind: Empowering teams through coaching.
  • Women’s empowerment and leadership programs.
  • Fulfillment-based, values-centric workshops for people in transition.
  • Empathy workshop for teens.

Having worked globally with many talented coaches, facilitators and trainers, I pull together highly creative, experienced and culturally aware teams to deliver world-class training programs.

Training Accreditations

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is the Gold Standard among tools assessing human abilities. From the research lab of Johnson O’Connor in the GE lab, this unique assessment reveals your natural talents. You will understand the “why” behind your behaviors such as procrastination, job boredom, intensity, analysis paralysis, brainstorming and many others. 

The computerized three-hour assessment (which you can take in blocks of time) generates objective rather than self-reported information about your most effective approach to:

  • Learning
  • Problem Solving
  • Communicating
  • Optimizing Work Environment

There is no pass or fail, there is no “good” or “bad” scores or profiles. The Highlands Ability Battery facilitates better self management (career/job selection, job design, work-life balance) and relationship management (efficient interpersonal dynamics, team dynamics and leadership).

Nineteen timed work samples require the performance of hands-on tasks. A 30+ page report shows your score on each work sample. There are different reports for students, adults and leaders. Interpretation of the results can be done in a one-to-one coaching session or in a group facilitated workshop.

This highly interactive, half-day program focuses on strengthening communication and teamwork skills in the workplace. During the session, participants gain self-awareness and engage in group discussion to better understand various work styles and tendencies. Common attendees include cross-functional teams, leadership teams and entire departments. Ideal for 15 – 40 participants.

Case Study: Equipping New Leaders with the Tools to Lead

Supporting the transition from Individual Contributors to Team Leaders in a fast-growing Event Services company. Training and coaching a cohort of newly-promoted Team Leads in the U.S. branches of a multinational organization.

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I had the pleasure of working with Lucy to facilitate a change management workshop. She was able to quickly and accurately distill layered challenges and dynamics within the organization to unlock the best way to engage the team. She was able to design a powerful workshop that transformed people from anxious and frustrated to hopeful and empowered.

—Elaine SkinnerManaging Director, satis&fy LLC