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O2 Leadership programs bring oxygen to leaders when they need it most, reinvigorating them to be the leaders and contributors they want to be within their organisation and in their lives.


In our lifetime, leading has never been as challenging as now. Leaders are forced to adapt, learn and lead others in the moment, often with mounting internal and external pressure. Yet we know from our experience working with senior leaders, the moment they dedicate time to pause and focus on leadership, they gain renewed energy and confidence to thrive. 





In our custom, experiential-based, virtual, and face-to-face group workshops or through coaching, O2 Leadership provides inquiry-based learnings, opportunities to reflect on what really matters, as well as new found tools to use immediately for yourself and with your teams.



O2 Leadership works closely with our client sponsors to bring a customizable program internally to support specific leaders’ needs. All our energizing workshops are leader-led to optimize engagement and provide a safe space to explore and dare.



Leaders in Crisis Mode


Leaders New to their Team

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Emerging Leaders with high potential


ANNE IS A PASSIONATE, CROSS-CULTURAL TRAINER AND GROUP COACH, with over 20 years of experience within the industry across Asia and Europe.


With extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, Anne works today with FORTUNE 500 companies as much as start ups, to design, implement and optimize People Development Solutions to drive their business forward. Anne empowers leaders to own their talents, get out of their own way, and generate meaningful impact in their professional and personal communities.


Highly respected for her business acumen, strategic thinking, and unique empowering energy, Anne is recognized for being a catalyst for sustainable transformation and growth.


Core Values: Love of learning. Optimism. Gratitude.


LUCY IS AN EXPERIENCED PCC, CTI TRAINED, LEADERSHIP COACH & FACILITATORwho has worked across cultures and countries giving her the ability to quickly understand complex dynamics.


Lucy coaches her professional clients through transformational change in the workplace, pursuit of their full potential as leaders, and development of high performing team dynamics. Lucy knows sustainable behavioral change begins with awareness and uses proven coaching strategies, assessments, and tools to cultivate this awareness. Her style has been described as astute, fun, and energetic.


Prior to Coaching, Lucy worked for 15 years in Advertising and Brand Management for Nike, adidas, Leo Burnett, and Wieden + Kennedy.


Core Values: Authenticity. Love of Cultures. Laughter.

“This past 6-month leadership development program was really a great experience to see how it brought our leadership team together and shaped the way we are leading & acting now as a team. It was fun and refreshing! I definitely enjoyed the media free zones during the two workshops! Thank you!!!”

– US Team Lead Manager, International Event Marketing Agency

“I feel more confident in approaching difficult or confrontational situations. I’m also feeling stronger in my confidence as a leader having new tools, but also having a better connection to my leadership peer group.”

Program Participant

“Olerai has been an invaluable resource for our agency’s senior leadership team.  Lucy and I worked closely to create a 6 month customized coaching plan for our senior leaders that included work on group dynamics as well as individual leadership styles.  Throughout the course of the program, I watched the group form a more cohesive working relationship and develop stronger voices individually.  The positive impacts of her work extend to the entire company as this group has evolved their leadership style.”

—Maren Elliott, Chief Talent Officer, Swift Agency

“Lucy has an innate ability to make powerful changes in a short period of time. I have witnessed the lasting impact that she has made on my leadership team by giving them tools and insight about different leadership styles which allow them to communicate more effectively and own who they are as leaders. This gives them the confidence to lead in a positive way and the effects radiate throughout the organization.”

Elaine SkinnerManaging Director, satis&fy LLC