Murmuration in the Wild

A Leadership & Personal Development Program For Women

Wild Villas, Maasai Mara, Kenya
January 22-27, 2024

Offered by Murmuration Collective in collaboration once again with Lippa Wood and Wild Villas.

We believe every person is a leader in her/their life.
And… We know all leaders need the opportunity to pause to gain clarity.

We offer what is needed right now more than ever,
the chance for women and non-binary people to take a deep inhale for clarity,
so they can then have a strong exhale to own their impact in all facets of their work and life.

Our Murmuration allows you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a curriculum backed by research and steeped in both wisdom and inspiration.

Go deep in understanding what truly motivates you and defines your purpose.
Get into action to boldly bring that purpose to life.
And, feel energized by the remarkable women around you.

Murmuration Collective’s January 2024 Women’s Leadership & Personal Development Experience in Kenya’s Maasai Mara will awaken you to what you want next in your life and work supported by a dynamic cohort of women and guided by our expert team of leadership, career, and life coaches and facilitators. This offering will also inspire you beyond imagination while on safari by the beauty and wonder of Maasai Mara, her people, and the wild life that is so well protected by the Enonkishu Conservancy.

Our team will help you rise to the person you want to be next in your life. Without fear or compromise. Our “Murmuration in the Wild” experience is born of expert guidance, creativity, and community – allowing you to look inward in an entirely new way in one of the most inspiring places on the planet, Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

The full 6-month Murmuration Experience kicks off with the 6-day, 5-night retreat at the Wild Villas where you will be able to explore:

What Is It I Truly Want To Create Next For Myself?

And discover answers that are beautiful and true to you while getting you into action to bring into fruition what it is you truly want next in your life. 

You will also have one of the most memorable, bucket-list experiences (while having a ton of fun along the way) in a gorgeous, natural, and “wild” setting.

After attending the experiential retreat, you will be fortified with the knowledge, resources and creative power to clearly define your ideal professional and personal next steps.  And, you will have a plan in place to execute, as well as a cohort of like-minded and empowering women supporting you as you get into action.  

What to expect when attending Murmuration in the Wild:

Prior to your journey, you will be well supported with your travel planning by Bush & Beyond who will guide you through booking your travel to Kenya.

Day 1: Monday,
January 22

Arrive Nairobi, Kenya where you will be met off of your international flight by one of the fantastic Bush & Beyond guest experience representatives who will lead you through customs, onto baggage claim, and into your waiting car transfer. You will then head to local Wilson Airport where you will take an Air Kenya regional flight to the Maasai Mara. Once in the Mara, you will be met by a “Wild Villas” guide who will bring you to one of our two villas in the Wild Villa’s safari land cruisers where Murmuration’s Founder, Lucy Reynolds, will be waiting to greet you. Once there you will be able to relax, unwind, and begin to enjoy all Wild Villas has to offer in the way of amenities and activities. Starting at 5pm we will begin our Murmuration experience with a sundowner safari and culminating in a lovely cohort dinner as we begin to murmurate as a collective.

Day 2: Tuesday,
January 23

We know from doing Murmuration work with women how important it is to first allow women to take a deep inhale to gain clarity, so they can have a strong exhale to be fully open and available to what could be next in their lives. With that in mind we offer gentle yoga each morning as part of our wellness offering. We will then dive into our experiential curriculum that will first awaken you to your Inner Wisdom who will help to inform you as to what you want next in your life, while your cohort provides the murmuration energy needed to uplift and ignite what is to come! We will complete the day with another truly spectacular “sundowner safari” at the Rhino sanctuary followed by a very special dinner under the African stars.


Day 3: Wednesday, January 24th

Today we begin again with our wellness offering of yoga and mediation allowing us to set intentions for what we want to create in the day to come. We will then continue to lean into and trust Murmuration’s experiential curriculum exploring what it is you are truly yearning for in this phase of your life as this will help to further inform you as to what the next chapters of work and life will entail. In the afternoon you  get to choose your own adventure as part of your spacious downtime. Perhaps you will choose a massage, time by the pool, journaling, a guided walk, mountain biking in the conservancy, or pamper yourself by taking a nap in your gorgeous villa room. In the early evening we will gather once again as a cohort for a very memorable moment as a collective followed by another healthy and delicious meal together. 

Day 4: Thursday,
January 25th

This morning we rise early for a healthy breakfast and head out on our days adventure as we will be inspired by Nature Wisdom today with the Maasai Mara as our backdrop. Our wellness offering will be incorporated into the day’s adventure and it will not disappoint. We will follow this grounding moment with our experiential curriculum supporting you to get even more clear on what it is you want. Nature will also sharpen your clarity and your cohort will assist by raising the vibration in you to image what might be even more possible. Upon our return to the Wild Villas, the afternoon is designed to slow you down to absorb all that is coming up from the day’s adventure. You will decide how you want to spend your free time relaxing. Dinner under the stars will await you as we gather that evening as a cohort once again. 

Day 5: Friday,
January 26th

Today is all about Collective Wisdom. Often in life we feel we must “figure it out” all by ourselves. Not today. Not during a Murmuration retreat experience. After a lazy morning (or sunrise safari) we will gather our yoga offering followed by a late breakfast. We will then, as a collective, help one another bring into fruition what each one of you wants to create next in work and life. It is a day of generosity and the energy is high. This afternoon you will realize how supported you will be by your cohort over the next six months once you return to work and life. We will end the day with a very meaningful closing dinner that is sure to deepen your appreciation for the women around you on this journey as you dare to dream big. You will definitely feel a true Murmuration moment this evening.

Day 6: Saturday,
January 27th

This morning (prior to your afternoon departure) we will have the privilege to widen our Murmuration Collective energy out into the Maasai community of women and girls by visiting the nearby Emarti School. Here we will visit and learn from the Maasai girls who attend this school. We will hear about their dreams for what they want next in their lives. Who knows what uplift we will collectively experience from this time together! We will then return to the Wild Villas, say our farewells over lunch as each of you prepares to either head home or continue to explore Kenya. We know one thing is for certain, you will be changed by this Murmuration experience. You will know you are supported. And you will have a clear and resonate plan for what the next chapter of your life will look like. And we will see each other in one month’s time on our first of six cohort calls! 

Of course you do not have to leave House in the Wild on Thursday. Bush & Beyond is more than happy to extend your stay or book you into visiting another one of their amazing lodges within their offering. Simply work with Bush & Beyond to inquiry what else they have to offer.

Curious About...

The Wild Villas are private safari homes included as part of the unique offerings from Collection In The Wild. Each villa is located above the stunning Mara River with hippo pools in clear view below. Our Murmuration In The Wild Villas this year include Olmarei House and The Watering Hole with an option to also stay at the near-by Wild Bandas – all three located on the banks of the Mara River, overlooking where hippos wallow below. Each location as a lovely swimming pool to relax by during our relaxation, lazy times each day. Our meals will be prepared by the Wild Chefs using the freshest and locally grown ingredients. We will share meals as a collective in a variety of locations located throughout the Naretoi Sanctutary.

When we price a Murmuration Experience anywhere in the world, we combine two variables: The Murmuration Journey + Room (& Full Board) at the host resort.

The total rates for 2024 Murmuration in the Wild include:

– The six-month Murmuration Experience (5-Night Wild Retreat + 6-Month Coaching Support): $3950 (€3600)

– The Wild Villas special Murmuration rate per night based on your room preference:

The Banda Cottages:

  • $350/night in a double occupancy (shared) with private bath
  • $450/night in a single occupancy with private bath
The Watering Hole Villa
  • $420/night in a double occupancy (shared) room with a private bath
  • $625/night in a single occupancy room with a private bath
Olmarie Villa:
  • $490/night in a double occupancy (shared) room with a private bath
  • $700/night in a single occupancy room with a private bath


  • Full board accommodation, all food and drinks, laundry, airstrip transfers (Ngerende airstrip) and statutory taxes
  • Exclusive safari car use per group with private guide
  • Game drives in Enonkishu, Ol Chorro and Lemek Conservancies
  • Bush breakfast, picnics
  • Guided nature walks and bike rides within Naretoi
  • Rhino Sanctuary visits (entrance fees extra and payable direct)
  • Community project visits and sundowners

– Domestic or international airfare to/from retreat location
– Any additional nights of lodging needed prior to or after any Murmuration retreat
– Car or regional airfare transfers to retreat locations
– Kenya Conservancy fee of $120
– Visas or any other government required documents prior to arrival
– Any inoculations recommended for travel to that region of the world
** For our Kenya offering, Bush & Beyond is ready to assist in the planning and booking of all the above as needed.

Research shows that over 90% of effectively planned time off from work cultivates a more energetic and positive approach to work. Our Murmuration Experiences are designed to be intentional about developing a new, innovative and authentic approach to life, leadership and purpose. Our 6-month total experience will help you add value to all facets of your work and life by allowing you to take a deep inhale to gain clarity so you can have a strong exhale to own your impact. Past participants have shared that they’ve experienced clarity of purpose and a renewed focus and passion for the work they’re doing. Because the company invested in their development, it greatly increased their commitment. Feel free to email and we will give you just the right words to share with your leader. Or if you prefer, share this one page pdf that outlines why your attendance makes good business sense.

Key takeaways from our Murmuration 6-month experience include:

  • Structured experiential curriculum facilitated daily in an interactive workshop involving group, peer, and 1:1 coaching
  • Activities that help women to gain clarity around their current realities – what’s working and what’s not in all areas of their lives
  • Time and space to hear their own voice again and reconnect with their inner knowing to gain focus on their leadership, goals and vision for their highest contribution within their organizations and in their communities as they decide how to maximize their positive impact in the next chapters of their lives
  • Rediscovering how to recognize possibility and opportunity, and make choices that are most resonant for them
  • Group support, curiosity, resources, and accountability as they move to make aspirations real
  • Initial anchors to get into action after they return from of the immersive retreat 
  • Wellness activities to get out of their heads and more into their bodies to absorb inspiration from the region’s culture and natural beauty (Trujillo, Spain named the most beautiful town in Spain by National Geographic)
  • Then, 6 months of structured group coaching and connection to the cohort to maintain momentum and ensure maximum impact and integration

Here's what some past participants have shared about the curriculum and overall program:

  • “My experience at Murmuration renewed my passion for the work I do and helped me see how to 10x my impact when I got back. The facilitators understand the complexities of today’s work environment and provided me with tangible, yet inspiring tools to bring back to my team and my community. I left feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my next big thing.”
  • “The right program at the right time led by the right women. Best investment I could have made for myself.”
  • “I made life-long professional and personal connections at my Murmuration Retreat. The caliber of female leaders in the room was top-notch.”
  • “It’s a chance to put your life on hold, escape to a beautiful place and explore what’s truly in your heart. You’ll be able to return with renewed enthusiasm, having really listened to what’s important, knowing you’re supported by an inspiring group of women.”
  • “Inspiring, empowering and life changing.”

About Us

Lucy Bethell Reynolds

Murmuration Founder

Co-Curricular Design + Co-Lead Facilitator + Professional Certified Coach  (PCC) + Business Development

It was a few years ago, in Kenya, that I first got the notion of Murmuration off the ground.  After years of working individually with clients seeking to create a meaningful next chapter in their lives, I had the idea that such a journey might be more powerful and fun done in a cohort of like-minded women.  We called it “Balance in the Wild,” and it proved the potential.  Since then, I’ve been refining it and waiting for COVID to release it’s grip enough for us to participate in a deep, in-real-life experience.

In pursuit of what they truly want to do next in their lives, the biggest obstacle that women face are the many “shoulds” imposed by society and family-of-origin expectations.   Often, these “shoulds” are unconsciously carried as driving forces.  Yet, when voiced by others within a group setting, these “shoulds” are exposed as limitations and rendered less powerful.  That’s when Murmuration starts to happen. 

I would love to have you join us at one of our many Murmuration retreats if you are searching for what’s next in your life’s journey. I can promise you it will be transformational in many ways. We will also have a great deal of fun while in beautiful places around the world. -Lucy

Katy Craig

Murmuration Principal

Co-Curricular Design + Co-Lead Facilitator + Professional Certified Coach  (PCC)

I come to Murmuration through improvisational theater where individual actors trust each other and connect strongly enough to get on the same wavelength, anticipate each others’ thoughts and actions, and create an entertaining show live on stage, without a script, in front of a paying audience. This is the courageous creative energy that I recognized when Lucy spoke to me about Murmuration. I know from my improv, coaching, and facilitation that as we raise our own vibrations through increased self-awareness and intentional action aligned with our values, we also raise our collective frequency as a community. The power of this vibrancy amplifies our impact in a way that’s substantive, dynamic, and delightfully surprising. I can’t wait to discover what it is we’ll create together. -Katy

Kelley Polson Pecis

Murmuration Principal

Business Development

I believe that every woman deserves to be invigorated by her path and proud of her impact. And, I believe that finding a way forward that is both uniquely true and beautiful to you can oftentimes be elusive. (Enter your ‘shoulds’ and self doubt here). Figuring out what’s next can be significantly clearer (and wayyy more fun) when you engage with powerful tools and are buoyed by the love and support of other women.

When Lucy asked me to join her in launching Murmuration my response was “oh heck yea!” Lucy and I have worked together for several years – both in non-profit endeavors and as a coach-client dyad. The content she has crafted is phenomenal and the way she engages with clients is both uplifting and effective.

I hope you will join us on this journey — wherever you might currently find yourself… You will find exceptional content, inspiring people and a new sense of clarity, purpose and fun. -Kelley

Emma Gaty

Murmuration Social Media + Event Manager

After experiencing the magic of a Murmuration Retreat as a participant in 2022, I knew I had to get involved. Nothing gives me more joy than bearing witness to others stepping into their power, connecting deeply with themselves, and the journey of self-validation that comes from the positive vibration of a cohort radically sharing their truth.

I came to Murmuration with a career in Photography, starting my business at the age of 18, which led to my fascination with people, how the human mind works, and finding true connection with those I have had the privilege of photographing. 

Core values: Service, Authenticity, Equality

Wild Retreat Gallery

Wild Villas Gallery

What’s the buzz on Murmuration?

Lucy Bethell Reynolds, Murmuration Founder, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Coach + Facilitator

Lucy is an experienced CTI, PCC, Career & Leadership coach/facilitator who has worked across cultures and countries for many years, developing a unique ability to quickly understand complex dynamics facing women both in the workplace and in their personal lives. Her style has been described as astute, fun, and energetic. Clients say she has a unique ability to truly listen and reframe so as to help them synthesize insights into action-oriented behaviors that they carry into all facets of their lives. When not bringing Murmuration to you, Lucy brings coaching and training to leaders globally through her Olerai Leadership, LLC.

Corporate Experience: Nike, Adidas, Leo Burnett, Wieden+Kennedy
Coaching assignments: CHIEF, Snap, Noom, Bumble, Nike, Swift, Satis&Fy, ibotta, AKQA, FQ
Core values: Authenticity. Inclusivity. Laughter.

Katy Craig, Murmuration Co-Design Creator & Collaborator, Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) + Facilitator

A CTI, Disruption Advisors, and ICF-certified professional coach, Katy is experienced in adaptive leadership, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Clients have described her style as high-energy, thoughtful, and exhibiting a wide range, from serious to fun and back again. A practical optimist who bridges vision and execution, and a super geek who fortifies intellect with play, Katy is passionate about helping clients broaden their perspectives, clarify their thinking, design and iterate solutions, and ultimately become who they want to be in work and in life. When she’s not partnering with the women of Murmuration, Katy is coaching and facilitating through her own business, Pavo Leadership, or working on her next piece of creative writing.

Corporate Experience: Adobe, Boettcher Foundation, Red Robin, Warner Music Group
Coaching assignments: Accenture, BBQ Guys, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Extra Space, Medtronic, Weave
Core values: Contribution. Honesty. Resourcefulness.

Kelley Polson Pecis, Murmuration Partner, Talent Management Consulting Leader, Coach + Facilitator

The focus of Kelley’s career has been helping others to move themselves and their families forward. She’s focused this effort on executive search and recruiting, working with technology company founders, investors, and candidates in the US and Europe. In recent years she has also worked with her colleagues in a coaching capacity, helping them to clarify values, determine goals, solve problems, and provide support along the way.

Corporate Experience: Parker Remick, Herd Freed Hartz, Oracle, Accenture
Consulting assignments (exec search): Google Ventures, Niantic, Square, Eventbrite, Zalando (Europe)
Core values: Service, Family, Community, Love.