Case Study: Equipping New Leaders with the Tools to Lead

Supporting the transition from Individual Contributors to Team Leaders in a fast-growing Event Services company.

Training and coaching a cohort of newly-promoted Team Leads in the U.S. branches of a multinational organization.

“I feel more confident in approaching difficult or confrontational situations. I’m also feeling stronger in my confidence as a leader having new tools, but also having a better connection to my leadership peer group.”

Program Participant 

The Challenge
A European-based organization expanding into the U.S. had recently promoted a group of 8 new Team Leads. Transition support for these rising leaders was desired to ensure that they had the skills and attitudes to support their rapidly-expanding branches of the organization.

Key areas for growth included:

  • Confidence and awareness of their strengths as leaders
  • Skills for holding difficult conversations
  • Communication and collaboration among the Team Leads
  • Decision-making and prioritization skills

What We Did

In partnership with my colleagues, Annemarie Estess at 20Rock and Katy Craig at Pavo, we shaped a customized 6-month program with 2 offsite workshops and 1:1 coaching for the Team Leads.

Core aspects of the program curriculum included:

  • Increasing awareness of their style + impact as leaders
  • Adapting their leadership roles to the situation
  • Navigating difficult conversations with intention
  • Practicing coaching skills with peers and direct reports
  • Managing stress and enhancing self-care

The Impact

Internal self-assessments and program evaluation metrics were collected before, midway, and after the program.

86% of the Team Leads reported the greatest improvements from the program in these areas:

  • Confidence in their leadership
  • Ability to hold challenging conversations
  • Strategising
  • Stress management
  • Trust and collaboration with peers
  • Managing their team resources

100% of participants strongly agreed that they would recommend the program to their friends or colleagues.

“Without their help, I don’t believe we could or would have been able to open up to each other as a team as well as we did. This program allowed us to truly focus on our value and development as leaders […] without being distracted or pulled away by our daily responsibilities and external work related influences. I feel I have learned skills I can apply to both my work and personal relationships and development.”

Program Participant 

“Olerai has been an invaluable resource for our agency’s senior leadership team.  Lucy and I worked closely to create a 6 month customized coaching plan for our senior leaders that included work on group dynamics as well as individual leadership styles.  Throughout the course of the program, I watched the group form a more cohesive working relationship and develop stronger voices individually.  The positive impacts of her work extend to the entire company as this group has evolved their leadership style.”

—Maren Elliott, Chief Talent Officer, Swift Agency 

“Lucy has an innate ability to make powerful changes in a short period of time. I have witnessed the lasting impact that she has made on my leadership team by giving them tools and insight about different leadership styles which allow them to communicate more effectively and own who they are as leaders. This gives them the confidence to lead in a positive way and the effects radiate throughout the organization.”

Elaine SkinnerManaging Director, satis&fy LLC