Lucy Reynolds is a CTI Co-Active Coach® and facilitator who excels at helping people through transformational change in the workplace, finding their full potential as leaders, and working with groups to develop high-performing team dynamics.

Reynolds founded Olerai Leadership with the goal of helping passionate people create authentic leadership throughout their life and work. She thrives on communication and connection in creating a safe space for growth as her clients navigate new situations, challenges, and transitions. People have described her style as astute, fun, engaging, and energetic.

After six years living in Amsterdam, Moscow and Tokyo, Lucy has coached and facilitated across cultures and countries. Now that she is back in her home of the Pacific Northwest, she remains driven by curiosity, a love of diversity, and an orientation for authenticity.

The Maasai word for “acacia tree,” Olerai is also the name of my cousin’s wheat farm in Kenya near the Maasi Mara. I traveled there alone on my first visit at 18 years old—a pivotal experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone and into exponential growth and discovery around how I wanted to show up in this world.

Skills and Accreditations

  • CTI Co-Active Coach®Training Certification, CPCC, (2014 – Singapore & London)
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC ACTP), International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • CTI® Co-Active Leadership Program (2016 – Sonoma, CA)
  • Psychometric Assessment Experience: MBTI, Highlands Ability Battery, Leadership Versatility Index, Team Diagnostics, Global Mindset Index, DiSC

Professional History

Prior to coaching, Lucy spent 15 years in advertising and brand management at Nike, adidas, Reebok, Leo Burnett and Wieden + Kennedy. She also served as brand director for a women’s development NGO, Women Win. Her experience includes consumer insight discovery and development of corresponding brand strategies. Lucy has deep experience activating multi-cultural teams against a vision. Her leadership style enables the team to be successful both with hierarchical authority and without formal authority.
“Lucy helped me clear the noise from my mind and center my thoughts on what was truly most important to me and my career/personal goals. She asked deeply thoughtful questions, challenging me to dig deeper on my answers, and giving me the courage to move forward with what would fulfill my soul.”

Lucy Uncut

The quick stats: I am woman, wife, mother of two, daughter, sister, friend, black Labrador owner, athlete, globe-trotting, culture-seeking adventurer who has lived in the US, the UK, Austria, The Netherlands, Russia, Japan, Kenya (for a few summers), and has traveled to over 45 countries. I am passionate about people around the world learning their culture, and connecting with them around our shared core values of respect, empathy and love of life.

I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone a lot in my own life, and it has served me well. I’ve encountered unexpected rewards, experiences, career opportunities, new friendships and always a brighter, clearer outlook on the world around me. Relocating my family to three very different cultures over the past six years (Holland, Russia and Japan), I had to embrace change and uncertainty through a lens of opportunity as I recreated my life and my views on the world. I am proud that I was able to show up in my new communities (facing very different cultural norms) in a meaningful and positive way, creating some of the best life experiences for me and my family along the way.

Failure, too, is part of my life, though, just like with everyone, and it’s in failing where I have learned the most valuable life lessons—grown the most as a person and as a leader. How I choose to approach failure defines everything moving forward. If I can find the courage to embrace failure as a positive opportunity, new possibilities always present themselves to me. 

When I’m not spending time with my family, friends, traveling, being a leadership coach or facilitating workshops, I dedicate my time and talents to supporting NGOs dedicated to ensuring that all girls, everywhere, receive their basic human right to an education. Some of my favorite NGOs include Room to Read, Girl Rising, Medical Teams Internation’s Healthy Women Healthy World, Women Win, and Oregon Girl Sports Leadership Summit.

Get in Touch

    “Over the past 2 years, Lucy has functioned as an absolutely critical coach and mentor for my career, relationships, and overall satisfaction and well-being. Life isn’t without challenges, and Lucy meets them head-on while gently but firmly guiding you to continuously show up as your best self.”
    “Lucy has a compassionate and strong energy that creates space for the vulnerable moments needed to make real change as leaders speak hard truths, while still keeping positive momentum towards the goal of the day and a solution-oriented space.”