From team transitions to demanding deadlines, leadership training allows corporate teams to reset and reconnect quickly. Understanding each teammate’s different work, communication and leadership style lets everyone dynamically adapt and excel as a whole.

Common Outcomes of Leadership Training & 1:1 Coaching:
  • Deeper team connectivity by finding a common team language.
  • Minimized conflict and more cohesive team dynamics through understanding how each team member operates.
  • Enhanced leadership skills that enable more well-rounded leadership throughout.
  • Deeper self-awareness—the ability for team members to recognize their strengths and where their time is best spent.
  • Leadership growth in high potentials and improved ability to step into stretch assignments and new roles with confidence.
“This past 6-month leadership development program was really a great experience to see how it brought our leadership team together and shaped the way we are leading & acting now as a team. It was fun and refreshing! I definitely enjoyed the media free zones during the two workshops! Thank you!!!”

Olerai Leadership custom-creates on and off-site experiential learning workshops, as well as facilitating leadership development programs on a variety of themes to meet a variety of client needs.

Example of Custom Workshops:
  • Dynamic & intentional communications skills workshops.
  • High potentials leadership development workshops.
  • Power of Feedback: The gift of giving and receiving effective feedback.
  • Leader Within: Awakening to one’s leadership style and owning your impact.
  • Leader Behind: Empowering teams through coaching.
  • Women’s empowerment and leadership programs.
  • Fulfillment-based, values-centric workshops for people in transition.
  • Empathy workshop for teens.
Having worked globally with many talented coaches, facilitators and trainers, I pull together highly creative, experienced and culturally aware teams to deliver world-class training programs.

Case Study: Equipping New Leaders with the Tools to Lead

Supporting the transition from Individual Contributors to Team Leaders in a fast-growing Event Services company. Training and coaching a cohort of newly-promoted Team Leads in the U.S. branches of a multinational organization.
“Olerai has been an invaluable resource for our agency’s senior leadership team. Lucy and I worked closely to create a 6 month customized coaching plan for our senior leaders that included work on group dynamics as well as individual leadership styles. Throughout the course of the program, I watched the group form a more cohesive working relationship and develop stronger voices individually. The positive impacts of her work extend to the entire company as this group has evolved their leadership style.”
“Lucy has an innate ability to make powerful changes in a short period of time. I have witnessed the lasting impact that she has made on my leadership team by giving them tools and insight about different leadership styles which allow them to communicate more effectively and own who they are as leaders. This gives them the confidence to lead in a positive way and the effects radiate throughout the organization.”