“Successful executive coaching requires you to be vulnerable and Lucy does an incredible job of establishing rapport and creating a safe space that allows you to bring your whole self to the conversation. She approaches each coaching session with curiosity, empathy and a little humor, yet knows when to challenge you, push you and hold you accountable. I’m a better, stronger leader because of the work that I have done with her both in 1:1 coaching and in a team setting.”

Great executive leaders are self-aware, understand their impact, and can inspire those around them by knowing when and how to use their different leadership styles.

Together, we can:
  • Explore your Leader Within, Leader In Front, Leader Beside, Leader Behind, and Leader In The Field.
  • Define your specific leadership vision.
  • Identify and hone your leadership attributes and skills.
  • Improve your communication skills for enhanced connection to your team.
  • Unlock success in such areas as leading organizational change, overcoming obstacles, and stepping into new manager roles.
  • Collaborate on a plan to make work-life balance a reality.
Olerai Leadership uses a variety of executive coaching methods, assessments and tools to fine-tune your skills, hone your leadership styles, and expertly equip you to be the dynamic leader you most want be.
“Lucy has a charismatic, magnetic personality that’s contagious. At the same time, she has this ability to create a safe space for anyone to speak honestly. She also holds us accountable for our ideas and makes sure we actually follow through. There are no excuses with Lucy—which is just what we all need!”