What’s next in your life’s work? Olerai Leadership will help you to assess what you really want and fearlessly show up in the work you were meant to be doing.

Together, we can:
  • Assess and align your skills, attributes and passions for a more meaningful approach to the marketplace.
  • Get clear on your goals and values (in both life and work) before making career opportunity decisions.
  • Boost your exploration with new possibilities, resources, skills, and networking opportunities.
  • Collaborate on an action plan with accountability check-ins to keep you moving forward.
  • Use the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB), a high-tech career assessment, to discover what you are naturally good at. 
Having the confidence, curiosity and self awareness to explore what could be next will lead to exciting and meaningful opportunities—allowing you to show up authentically in the work you were meant to be doing, while also creating positive change in the world around you.
“Lucy helped me find my own power, which enabled me to face any challenge as I built my business. With her help, I identified the negative thoughts that limited me from living my life courageously. I would definitely recommend Lucy’s coaching to anyone who wants more clarity and courage in life.”

Career Coaching for Students

From high-school juniors/seniors to undergrads/grad students of all ages, I use the Highlands Ability Battery™ (HAB) tool to help you find the right area of study and the most fitting, fulfilling career.
Together, we can:
  • Examine majors and careers through the lens of your natural talents.
  • Refine your pool of choices based on what your natural abilities are.
  • Uncover exactly how to study for exams/learn how to study differently for different subjects.
  • Determine ways you could use your abilities in work that interests you, aligns with what’s important to you, and helps you meet your goals.
Are you ready to discover what you do best? Take the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) assessment to help guide your college search/career path. Olerai Leadership will review your results in a 2-hour consultation debrief.
“Lucy has taught me to learn tools to organize my decisions as I prepare for the transition out of college and into the workforce. Her consistent support, nurturing manner, and informative methods create skills where I can actively analyze these upcoming transitions. Through her methodology, Lucy challenges me to break down barriers and ask questions that dig at who I am and what I want to do. Our conversations have turned my doubt and fear into courage and excitement. I could not recommend Lucy enough! Thank you!”

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Guest post on Basik Clinic

Sense Of Purpose

This year marks my nineteenth year as a full fledged grown-up doctor. One of the benefits of being a “mature” doctor is the ability to listen and evaluate patient’s medical issues in a new light. I had an “aha” moment this year when I started appreciating that when certain patients say they are depressed and want to consider medication or counseling, that what they are really trying to convey is they no longer had a sense of purpose in lives.

Balance in the Wild in Kenya

Our Premier Women’s Workshop in February of 2019 was a huge success. Planning Session II is in progress. Email Lucy@oleraileadership.com to inquire about future dates.

  • Gain clarity around what matters to you most (your values) while being reminded why these values are important to you
  • Identify and conquer the inner critic voices that keep you small – holding you back from your greatness
  • Take time to slow down to notice the space in between
  • Connect with nature as a source of energy, healing, and resilience
  • Experience camaraderie, support and deep connections with incredible women
  • Deepen your compassion, vulnerability and strength
  • Reconnect with your Leader Within
  • (Re) awaken to YOU at your very best

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Guest post on Denison.edu

Leadership and the Power of Choice

Goals change as we grow, and Denison helps our alumni find paths to new opportunities through an ongoing series of special workshops about careers. One of them is with global entrepreneur Lucy Reynolds ’94, who founded Olerai Leadership, a leadership training company.
“Participating in the Denison Connect “What’s Next” career coaching circle (with Lucy as our guide) helped me realize that I am not alone in my predicament about feeling stuck and wanting a change for my career. Her bi-weekly sessions helped me focus and reflect internally on what is most important to me and gave me the ability to extract my strengths and my next steps. The idea of ditching the “shoulds” in life and embracing the “wants” have really changed my outlook.
Lucy helped me feel I could start this new endeavor. The career coaching circle motivated me to stay on track and progressing forward instead of getting stuck on hoping and wishing.”