You’re invited to our Murmuration

Murmuration is a 6-month experience that begins with a multi-day, in-person retreat where you will awaken to what’s next in your life. You will be part of a small cohort of women, guided by our team of amazing female career (& life) coaches and facilitators who help you rise to the person you want to be next in your life. Without fear or compromise. This Murmuration is born of expert guidance, creativity, and community – allowing you to look inward in an entirely new way. You will be able to explore…

What is it I truly want to create next for myself? What is my heart’s desire right now?

And discover answers that are beautiful and true to you. You will also have a ton of fun along the way in a gorgeous and natural setting.



Clarity of your values and what will bring you joy and purpose.


Inspiration, awakening, and getting into action for what`s next for you.

Clear plan

A clear plan for the future that is true and beautiful to you.


Supportive community of like-minded women holding you up.


Courage and confidence to do what you most want to do.


4 days to focus entirely on you.

The Gallery

Join one of our currently scheduled retreats in Montana, Oregon, Kenya, or France!

If you would like a Murmuration Retreat at the locale and timing of your choice …We travel!

When you help us plan and assemble your cohort, you will receive half off your registration fee as a thank you for being a part of our Murmuration Collective!!

Support along the way

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Our team will support you in creating the
best Murmuration retreat experience for you.
We got you!

Four-day, three-night retreat in a beautiful and peaceful
setting to help you awaken to what you want next in
your life. Our proven experiential curriculum will
guide you to this knowledge. Your cohort will provide
the murmuration that will ignite what’s next. Trust the process.

Murmuration Retreat

One month post-retreat we will gather together
again as
a cohort on Zoom to
continue supporting each other and to
hold one another accountable for
creating what we want next in life.
We will help you
brainstorm further.
Cheer you on.
Offer support as needed.

You name it, we will be there for you.

1-Month Post-Retreat -
Cohort Connection Call

3-Month Post-Retreat -
Cohort Connection Call

We gather again on Zoom to share our
successes and challenges in going after what we want.
As a collective we will continue to brainstorm with you as needed.
Celebrate wins! Prop you up when facing obstacles.
You will be reminded of the Murmuration, and we will
continue to help you soar to create what you most want.

We gather a final time to honor where each
member of the cohort is in her journey to
create what’s next. We continue to celebrate.
We create the space for each member to ask
for what she needs to reach her goals.
We soar once again together.

6-Month Post-Retreat -
Cohort Connection Call

Our Murmuration Collective

A murmuration is the phenomenon created when hundreds of starlings fly together in a dynamic, shifting group. Each individual bird both lifts itself up and also connects with others through the vibration of their simultaneously ascending wings, emboldening them to instantly change direction in unison and to do more than they could alone. 

As with the starlings, we can also harness this collective energy and we can go farther when supported and inspired by like-minded women to create the best, next chapters of our lives. We hold space over a multi-day, small-group retreat for you to recognize the internal vibration of excitement when you make the unconscious conscious.

The moment your frequency changes, you invite new and wonderful things into your life and those connected to you. You are not alone on this journey. Your retreat cohort, facilitators, and coaches are there to support you to chart this new pathway and initiate meaningful action during the retreat and in the months to come.

Upcoming In-Person Retreats

April 19-22nd, 2023

Rocking R Guesthouse – Flathead Lake, Montana

May 17-20th, 2023

Rocking R Guesthouse – Flathead Lake, Montana

Lucy Bethell Reynolds

Murmuration Founder
PCC Coach + Facilitator

It was a few years ago, in Kenya, that I first got the notion of Murmuration off the ground.  After years of working individually with clients seeking to create a meaningful next chapter in their lives, I had the idea that such a journey might be more powerful and fun done in a cohort of like-minded women.  We called it “Balance in the Wild,” and it proved the potential.  Since then, I’ve been refining it and waiting for COVID to release it’s grip enough for us to participate in a deep, in-real-life experience. 

In pursuit of what they truly want to do next in their lives, the biggest obstacle that women face are the many “shoulds” imposed by society and family-of-origin expectations.   Often, these “shoulds” are unconsciously carried as driving forces.  Yet, when voiced by others within a group setting, these “shoulds” are exposed as limitations and rendered less powerful.  That’s when Murmuration starts to happen.  

I would love to have you join us at one of our many Murmuration retreats if you are searching for what’s next in your life’s journey. I can promise you it will be transformational in many ways. We will also have a great deal of fun while in beautiful places around the world. -Lucy

Kelley Polson Pecis

Murmuration Partner
Coach + Facilitator

I believe that every woman deserves to be invigorated by her path and proud of her impact. And, I believe that finding a way forward that is both uniquely true and beautiful to you can oftentimes be elusive. (Enter your ‘shoulds’ and self doubt here). Figuring out what’s next can be significantly clearer (and wayyy more fun) when you engage with powerful tools and are buoyed by the love and support of other women.

When Lucy asked me to join her in launching Murmuration my response was “oh heck yea!” Lucy and I have worked together for several years – both in non-profit endeavors and as a coach-client dyad. The content she has crafted is phenomenal and the way she engages with clients is both uplifting and effective.

I hope you will join us on this journey — wherever you might currently find yourself… You will find exceptional content, inspiring people and a new sense of clarity, purpose and fun. -Kelley

Curious About...

We know women everywhere give so much to others in their lives with little left to rejuvenate and recover to self. This is not sustainable. We also know most women feel some type of societal, family of origin, or internal obligations to be a certain way in the world and do what is expected, which is often not inherently what they truly want to be and do in life.

We believe if we can create a unique experience, allowing women to get away from their busy lives to pause, reflect, and gain clarity for themselves about what they really want for the next chapters of their lives, they will be more fulfilled, joyful, and content. The impact will be profound for them, with a vibration that will have a dynamic and positive effect on those around them, inviting a murmuration in all facets of their lives.

Choice: The ability for all women to choose what they truly want for themselves in every stage of their lives.

Collective: The power of women supporting one another in a fun, engaging, and dynamic environment, allowing the Murmuration to occur. When one woman rises up to claim what she wants, so too will her cohort. They will feel and join in her uplift, supporting her and creating something meaningful for themselves.

Accountability: The energy of knowing you are part of your own Murmuration cohort beyond the retreat women who support and challenge you as you follow through on your own next steps.

Nature: The rejuvenation of slowing down and connecting with nature to discover what’s next in our lives.

Movement: The awareness that allowing our bodies to move helps us make the unconscious more conscious.

Levity: The delight of enjoying the journey. Discovering what’s next is a fun and joyful experience.

Anyone who identifies as a woman.

Participants are of the age in their life when they are curious about or yearning to discover what’s next.

 (Career transitioners, empty-nesters, new mothers, women in their mid-to-late 20s who fear they have embarked on the wrong career path, those contemplating retirement, already retired, university students unsure of their desired area of study, etc.)

Each retreat location will have a variety of room selections for you to choose from. Once you select your retreat date and location we will send you all your options.

Honoring one of our core values of connecting with nature, we will be serving a healthy, organic offering of foods whenever possible…at every meal, along with some tasty treats, nonalcoholic drinks, and wine to sip on in the evenings!

Our typical US-based program offering is designed to fit into a four-day, three-night schedule. You and your cohort will arrive at your retreat location by 4pm on Day One. We will complete the program by 10am on Day Four to accommodate travel home. A more detailed schedule can be found on retreat-specific pages on our site.

NOTE: Programs outside the US typically run longer as we incorporate the local culture into the curriculum adding more fun and adventure.

Our team will help you organize your flights into and out of each retreat location. We got you! 

(Note: your room selection/pricing and airfare/transport are not included in retreat pricing. Each location offers a variety of accommodations to suit your needs.)


Meet Murmuration’s Dynamic Collaborators

Erin Anderson

Murmuration Contributor


I chose Murmuration because both the work that it does and the women who make it possible are so inspiring. As a woman in my early 20s, change is approaching faster than I could have imagined. The past four years I have spent studying at Denison University came and went in a blink of an eye and I am now transitioning from a student to a working adult. Navigating this change seemed daunting at first, but being a part of this organization has connected me with amazing women who can guide me through it. Moreover, being a social media intern for Murmuration has allowed me to develop professional skills and explore my creativity in ways I had not before. All in all, this organization provides me with an environment and a community that foster my growth as a young woman beginning her professional career.

Katy Craig

Murmuration Co-Designer

Professional Certified Coach  (PCC) + Facilitator 

I come to Murmuration through improvisational theater where individual actors trust each other and connect strongly enough to get on the same wavelength, anticipate each others’ thoughts and actions, and create an entertaining show live on stage, without a script, in front of a paying audience. This is the courageous creative energy that I recognized when Lucy spoke to me about Murmuration. I know from my improv, coaching, and facilitation that as we raise our own vibrations through increased self-awareness and intentional action aligned with our values, we also raise our collective frequency as a community. The power of this vibrancy amplifies our impact in a way that’s substantive, dynamic, and delightfully surprising. I can’t wait to discover what it is we’ll create together. -Katy

Nathalie de Haaij

Murmuration Contributor

Yoga Teacher + Wellness Specialist

Saying ‘Yes’ to life …takes a big leap of faith. When I was 36 years, I decided to follow my heart and take my first steps towards living my life on purpose. Through focus, commitment and hard work, Malakai Wellness was born. Facilitating retreats where I could share my love for ultimate wellness through yoga, massage and healthy food. Now 13 years later, I find myself at another pivotal moment in my life. Once again, I’m asking myself “What is next?!” This time however, I will not be doing it alone. By being part of Murmuration, I will be supported by a cohort of women – a safe and uplifting community – where I will be able to explore and find clarity about my next journey in life. -Nathalie

Julia Fairbrother

Murmuration Contributor

Yoga Teacher + Wellness Specialist

I thrive working with people bringing them wellness and happiness. I am delighted to host Murmuration in the Vines – France. I have been coming to Vergécosse for over 10 years and each time I arrive I feel peaceful. It’s a magical oasis away from the business of life and a perfect setting for a Murmuration Retreat.

Why Murmuration? I had a moment in my 40’s where we had to move – again – from Amsterdam to Singapore and found the need to ask myself, “What now?” My husband (with Lucy’s voice in the background) said; “What do you want to do?” Exhausted, I found myself saying, “Yoga. I just really want to do more yoga.” So, I did. I quickly found myself in a yoga teacher training program and spent two years studying yoga and yoga therapy full time with the most wonderful Ayurvedic, Dr Satyam. Fast forward, Lucy and I have been firm friends for a very long time. We have always supported each other, and I feel my best self when with her. I was lucky enough to participate in Lucy’s very first Murmuration in Kenya in 2019 and loved the gift of time to focus and plan with my cohort’s encouragement for my life’s next chapter… Owning a thriving yoga and wellness studio back in the UK.

Marcy Stoudt

Murmuration Collaborator
Coach + Facilitator

I am on an ongoing journey to live life to its fullest. I turned 50 in 2022 & thought: “50 down, 50 to go. What’s next?” The last time I asked that question was in 2018. Searching for the answer, I chose to spend five days at an Ashram at a silent meditation retreat. A month later, my sister and I started our fast-growing company, Revel Coach, with a vision to support women on their journeys to success.
A few months ago, Lucy shared her vision for reigniting Murmurations; I got chills knowing it was an answer to my question: “what’s next?”
I’m honored to support Lucy’s team and invite our Revel Coach community to a transformational retreat with like-minded women. This is a chance to look within and uncover the possibilities of what’s next. I’m personally excited to participate and learn from each other as we explore our next chapters.
After all, we should never be too busy, fearful, or old to dream bigger and make it a reality. -Marcy

What’s the buzz on Murmuration?

Our Murmuration Retreat name comes from the murmuration of starlings where each individual connects to the vibrations of those closest to them; moving in sync, engaging in clear, consistent communication and exhibiting deep, deep trust. The starlings’ murmuration performs the near impossible – a group of hundreds of thousands moving in unison – creating cohesiveness and exquisitely pivoting in the face of the unexpected. Like the starlings, we will rise up as a collective and support one another as we discover what’s next for each of us in our lives.

Lucy Bethell Reynolds, Murmuration Founder, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Coach + Facilitator

Lucy is an experienced CTI, PCC, Career & Leadership coach/facilitator who has worked across cultures and countries for many years, developing a unique ability to quickly understand complex dynamics facing women both in the workplace and in their personal lives. Her style has been described as astute, fun, and energetic. Clients say she has a unique ability to truly listen and reframe so as to help them synthesize insights into action-oriented behaviors that they carry into all facets of their lives. When not bringing Murmuration to you, Lucy brings coaching and training to leaders globally through her Olerai Leadership, LLC.

Corporate Experience: Nike, Adidas, Leo Burnett, Wieden+Kennedy
Coaching assignments: CHIEF, Snap, Noom, Bumble, Nike, Swift, Satis&Fy, ibotta, AKQA, FQ
Core values: Authenticity. Inclusivity. Laughter.

Kelley Polson Pecis, Murmuration Partner, Talent Management Consulting Leader, Coach + Facilitator

The focus of Kelley’s career has been helping others to move themselves and their families forward. She’s focused this effort on executive search and recruiting, working with technology company founders, investors, and candidates in the US and Europe. In recent years she has also worked with her colleagues in a coaching capacity, helping them to clarify values, determine goals, solve problems, and provide support along the way.

Corporate Experience: Parker Remick, Herd Freed Hartz, Oracle, Accenture
Consulting assignments (exec search): Google Ventures, Niantic, Square, Eventbrite, Zalando (Europe)
Core values: Service, Family, Community, Love.

Katy Craig, Murmuration Co-Design Creator & Collaborator, Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) + Facilitator

A CTI, Disruption Advisors, and ICF-certified professional coach, Katy is experienced in adaptive leadership, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Clients have described her style as high-energy, thoughtful, and exhibiting a wide range, from serious to fun and back again. A practical optimist who bridges vision and execution, and a super geek who fortifies intellect with play, Katy is passionate about helping clients broaden their perspectives, clarify their thinking, design and iterate solutions, and ultimately become who they want to be in work and in life. When she’s not partnering with the women of Murmuration, Katy is coaching and facilitating through her own business, Pavo Leadership, or working on her next piece of creative writing.

Corporate Experience: Adobe, Boettcher Foundation, Red Robin, Warner Music Group
Coaching assignments: Accenture, BBQ Guys, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Extra Space, Medtronic, Weave
Core values: Contribution. Honesty. Resourcefulness.

Nathalie de Haaij, Murmuration Contributor, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Specialist

Nathalie is a certified and experienced Yoga Teacher (500YTT) and a qualified Masseuse. She is the
founder of Malakai Wellness where she shares her passion for ultimate wellness. “I believe
that everyone deserves to feel amazing, inside and out.” Over the years, she has facilitated numerous
international yoga and wellness retreats, focusing on combining yoga, massage & healthy food as a
holistic approach to personal wellbeing. Clients have expressed feeling both invigorated and
rejuvenated.”It’s all about feeling awesome and being ready to embrace a vibrant life.” Next to
advocating wellness, Nathalie works as a brand and communications advisor for corporate and
humanitarian organizations.

Corporate Experience: Brand, design & communications management:
H&M, Nespresso, Puma, Virgin, Warchild & Oxfam
Wellness retreats: Nicaragua, Bali, Spain, Portugal & Guatemala
Core values: Connect, Inspire, Grow.

Julia Fairbrother, Murmuration Contributor, Owner of Suffolk Yoga

Julia has always been passionate about embracing new cultures, travel, and learning. After studying German, French and Japanese she started her career teaching in a Japanese school in1994. Sink or swim? Always swim! After a few years she went back to London working for a Japanese foundation to promote Anglo-Japanese relations. In 1997, she moved with her husband to Paris where she taught English to French companies, got married, and had the first of her four children. Always juggling life and work she continued to teach languages whilst raising her four children and traveling back to Japan, to Amsterdam, and finally Singapore where yoga took over. With numerous yoga trainings behind her, she now works towards her dream of waltzing around her own Suffolk Yoga Studio and Wellness Centre with good people doing good things and bringing well-being to everyone. Murmuration brings this all together beautifully.

Core values: Humor, Kindness, Patience

Marcy Stoudt, Murmuration Collaborator, Coach + Facilitator

Marcy Stoudt is passionate about developing leaders, bringing teams together, and creating a work environment where people thrive. For the past 25 years, she has worked with hundreds of women and executives and has coached, taught, and inspired results through confidence and balance.
Based on the knowledge that there is no better time than NOW for women to be successful as executives and mothers, Marcy & her sister launched their company, Revel Coach, to lead programs dedicated to Women in Leadership. She spent 22 years in Corporate America in various roles, from VP of Strategy to VP of Sales & Marketing. This experience influenced her passion for working with people, creating opportunities for others, and hiring talent based on character and potential. When she’s not coaching, you can find Marcy in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, enjoying time with her husband, admiring her three teenage children, and enjoying the endless pursuit of finding joy in every moment.

Corporate Experience: TEKsystems, MarketSource
Coaching assignments: HealthTrust Workforce Solutions, FINRA, iMethods, Tential, Tote Maritime, XL Autoparts
Core values: Kindness. Optimism. Happiness. Achievement. Family.